Why Rich and influential people will never have your time.

02 Jul 2019


Ever tried speaking with an influential person, and noticed they don’t want to give you attention and you think to yourself, “Why will the rich and influential people never have your time”? The first time in my life I went to ask a client, If I could manage her social media page, the first question was, Have you done this before?

I realized that my education, Family background, connections and even dressing didn’t matter. What people wanted to see was my previous work in relation to what I was asking. From that moment, I knew that to get high-paying clients I must create value for myself by 


To achieve this, one must first get rid of negative comments like 

I don’t know anybody…

This is not my community..

This is not the right time..

The time would never be right, and the reality is nobody ever knows the right time even the wealthiest people in the world, from Donald Trump , Oprah Winfrey to  Aliko Dangote, didn’t know when they would make their millions or who would give them millions of dollars, but what they had in common was they had started carving a niche for themselves in their community.


So,  do you know why rich and influential people will never time for you? Well for you to be taken seriously by anybody in any society you need to understand and follow these few steps:

  • Obtain Certifications
  • Either Formal or informal, the amount of information you have will help you when speaking and this will make you command attention and respect from anybody irrespective of their class, age or power. Be educated and relevant in the niche you are building or want to possess.
  • Volunteer or Start Up a project:  During learning if you have an opportunity to work, try implementing what information you’ve gathered into service. Being a volunteer is really not a thing with our society because everyone wants a reward for their labour, but when you volunteer with the purpose of networking  you can break grounds.
  • Network: According to a popular saying, your network is your net worth. Try to identify all events that relates to your field and attend them. The more people see you and hear from your wealth of knowledge, the more your value & demand for your services will increase.
  • Get a Team:
  • You will never know it all but you can leverage on the wealth of experience of people. So, during your networking events try to identify potential team mates and poach them.

Remember these set of team mates when poaching:

  1. Comrades: This have mutual interest like you do, either in terms of networks or skill. They tend to make the best team mates but slow down your results rates.
  2. Competitor: Most of the time we feel we aren’t meant to work with our competitors but in reality, they make the best allies. 

They might have the same interest but what’s common is you are providing the same solution in your field. Try to always make a level ground to do business, as it will help in the longevity of your product or services

  • Take Action: Place that cold call, write that email, ask family, friends and even Enemies for referral. Yes! Your enemies, even through badmouthing your product / services, get people to know about your brands. What matters is your brand quality is intact.

The Rich and Influential people will never have your time, Why?  They are busy building and sustaining their position, but if you have something valuable they can reckon with then you can just be in their Good book. So, in order to stand out you should build your values and focus on your strengths while you make the most off your weakness.

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