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Tech Lady is an Initiative by Sanstonz Consultancy Services Limited, a company based in Abuja, Nigeria. Tech Lady was born out of the hunger and desire to give value back to the Society and our focus is on Women, to empower them with the necessary skills and tools available that they could leverage on, to build a successful business Online and also create wealth for themselves.

Since inception in September 2019, we have been able to reach over 30 women and expose them to the tools and skills they can leverage on to build a successful business online and create wealth for themselves. We are out to support women with innovative ideas to make change in the society. Tech Lady is here to stay and we are willing to give more to women who are willing to take up the opportunity.

It is on us to expose women with businesses to free tools and skills they need to promote their businesses to enhance visibility, engagement and possible conversion, and expose them to platforms with information they need to grow for collaboration and productivity purposes.

Not ignoring that we also expose young ladies without business or career paths/ ideas to Zero Capital Innovations that can enhance them to start up business for themselves and create employment for others.

Yes, there are so many opportunities out there but when women are not aware, or have an idea how to go about it to promote their business or build a career around it hence it is as good as useless. So it is upon us to guide these young ladies and women on these opportunities so they can know about them, lear…

With great ideas innovation comes employment.

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