Digital Marketing

24 Oct 2019


The power of social media is overwhelming. Businesses are benefiting from showcasing their products and services online, thanks to social media.
Whether you are a smartphone novice or an experienced social media influencer, some rules never get old. Bear in mind, your business would benefit positively by following a couple of rules which have been known to work for numerous profit-making outlets.

  • Know Your Market: Before you begin your campaign, sales or marketing online, pick your target market. The demographics should be clearly spelt out.
  • Develop Your Strategy. Having a well-drafted plan is necessary to highlight the steps to put out your business online. What content are you planning to push out, where and when to post?.
  • Focus on Quality Content The pressure to be visible is as important as developing content best suited to your audience. Take time to prepare content that creates/adds value for your target audience.
  • Follow Top Profile Accounts. To get noticed and increase your followers, search for top profile accounts with similar interest in your business. Follow these accounts, they will most likely follow back and improve your business visibility.
  • Create Value and Promote less. The main purpose of your presence online is to create value for your customers. Promoting your business without creating value would drag you down. Rather, show your clients why you are valuable to them by constantly showcasing your content in a manner that’s appealing to them.
  • Make it Easy to Buy. Considering that social media is dominated by phone users, make your site and content mobile-friendly. Ensure a link to buy is attached to your profile and the website has a responsive design.

This is 2019, social media marketing is the new form of marketing for any business because millions of people are online on a daily basis. Can it get any better than this?

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