system integration and deployment

Integration and Deployment of Systems is the linking and assembling of different computing systems, network aspect, and software applications to act as a coordinated whole and work as a productive one is very important in a firm. Every business needs one system or the other to be deployed and set up.

We integrate and deploy our client’s investments in current systems and transform organizations by allowing applications to assume new business while enabling the sharing of information across application boundaries


We offer flexible, end-to-end service management across a multisource, multi-tower environment and are readily available for creating an optimized network environment for your organization. We leverage on the knowledge of certified IT engineers to deliver. Our experience across a range of technologies and industries enables us to prepare and stage network solutions.

We offer different network services including:

Multinetwork Services
  • Wide Area Network Solutions (WAN)
  • Local Area Network Solutions (LAN)
  • Wireless Area Network Solutions (WLAN)
  • Servers
  • Storage subsystems
  • Networking devices including: switches, routers, cabling
  • Network appliances which include network firewalls.
  • Fiber-optic cables;
  • Satellites;
  • Microwave antennas;
  • Routers;
  • Repeaters;
  • Aggregators; and,
  • Load balancers.

To ensure that data is secure and protected from theft or malicious damage, only authorized personnel should have access to the infrastructure.

Security for data center includes:

  • Electronic key entry;
  • Video and human surveillance; and,
  • Controlled access to servers and storage.

system infrastructure can be broken down into:


The physical data centers, housing IT equipment, and necessary power, cooling, and security components.


Routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers.


Data storage systems, such as network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SAN).


Physical and virtual servers for both on-site and virtual data centers.


Deployment involves installation, setting up, testing and running of the system. 

Sanstonz Deployment Services
  1. The agreed service deadlines and delivery must be met.
  2. Tools, simplifying the foreseeable mass configuration tasks, must be available.
  3. A team of specialists must oversee the installation of devices, at a previously agreed location.
  4. Validation of the entire start up process, so the project site can move onto the operation stage
sanstonz approach
  • Participate in the pre-implementation analyses for the customers’ computer solutions’ updates (Hardware & Software) according to the terms and conditions
  • Coordinates the evaluation of new technologies. Makes recommendations based on the evaluation of new technologies based on client needs.
  • Oversees the maintenance of system security for protecting and recovering client data. Develops disaster recovery plans for complex systems.
  • Build reports and/or data extracts to support business analysis.
  • Coordinate directly with business users and business analyst to best understand and analyze business specifications.
  • Provide technical assistance to troubleshoot and resolve integration errors.
  • Research, investigate and propose technical solutions for clients’ configuration
  • Manage the update requisitions for the common data according to procedures and for all the other tasks related to maintenance and distribution of the systems’ basic configurations.
  • Minimize the impact of errors on clients’ systems by providing prompt solutions.
  • Support private and public cloud resources
  • We provide an integrated and flexible network architecture for fast and dependable data, voice and video applications
  • Our service-oriented LAN solutions ensure low-latency, 100% available connectivity to run your business applications
  • Our service oriented architecture (SOA) model provides enhanced user experience by supporting numerous users, devices and workloads across a multivendor environment
  • We build services optimize WAN networks. Our experience, in building multi-location and VPN-based WAN with minimum capital investment and operational costs helps us to cater your secure, highly available WAN setup requirements
  • We build smart wireless networks to tackle the growing need to provide secure and reliable access to a diverse set of mobile devices
  • Our network integration services add the latest security features and compliance standards at every step to make your network completely secure
  • Create, evaluate, and approve plans for the implementation of new technology deployments and testing
  • Plan and document detailed network design
  • Offer network support, maintenance and other services designed to keep your network performing at the highest possible level
  • Configure and manage network devices, storage, and servers.