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18 Nov 2019


As the year comes to a usual end for some, to others it’s been a great opportunity and an awesome feeling to be part of the Grow with Google on-going project for impact, value-added and learning.

In the month of October some trainers had an unexpected surprise when a mail was sent to them that they would be part of the all-expense-paid trip to London where they would have events to celebrate their achievement in the program so far with regards certifications, impactful trainings and focus on personal development and the journey was a successful one, we are excited that two of our trainers made it to the Championship level and has gotten this recognition.   And from the report shared we would like you to enjoy the photo journey with us. 

Excerpts from the report from Upskill

In the month of October, trainers from different Google Training Partner companies in Africa were celebrated – through the Champion Exchange Program. 

As part of their continual development through the program, the trainers that reached champion level were given the opportunity to come to London to experience a jam-packed week of advanced training. From panel discussions, Google Digital Garage visits, to testing out new technologies as well as a trip to the Google HQ and Upskill Digital HQ in London, here are some highlights from the week… 

Day 1

Grow with Google - Sanstonz

After a quick pit stop to get some warmer clothes, a full day of sightseeing and activities pursued. Kicking things off with open-top double-decker bus tour, Champions were able to soak up the city’s atmosphere and see some of the famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace. From vehicle to vessel, the champions cruised down River Thames and then given a new perspective of the London skyline seeing the city from the 135m high London Eye. 

Day 2

Grow with Google - Day 4

Day 2 brought the Champions to the UpSkill head office where they were trained on Digital Garage Content. A great level of excitement surrounded these Train the Trainer sessions as the Champions would be training as Google Digital Garage trainers later in the week. They also had lunch with some of the UpSkill Team in a traditional London pub, located in the center of the city.

Day 3

Grow with Google - Day 5

Trainers spent the morning of Day 3 reviewing and practising the Digital Garage deck delivery. Later that afternoon, Champions experienced tailored workshops on facilitation, design thinking and business growth facilitated by the UpSkill team.

Day 4

The last 2 days of hard work culminated with the chance for the champions to deliver 3 Google Digital Garage topics to an audience in Thamesmead, England … and guess what…. THEY SMASHED IT! Check out some of the feedback they received: 

“In my five years of working as a social worker I have never acquired this many digital skills in such a short time, these trainers are amazing, I feel motivated to continue this journey of improvement and I am eager to learn more!”

“It wasn’t just information overload, these trainers actually made sure I understood what was going on, the one to one proved very helpful.”

”By far the best workshop Peabody has hosted, I feel like I have enough knowledge to revamp my online beauty business.”

That evening, they attended a Panel Discussion at the University of East London, where some key business entrepreneurs discussed how they personally pushed the boundaries of business development throughout their careers. One of these panelists was Farrah Storr, the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine.

Day 5

Day 5 saw Champions attend the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance Summit at the famous St.Pancras Renaissance hotel. This was a one-day event with Senior Executive speakers from Google to PWC, discussing digital policy in the EU and digital responsibility in digital advertising. After this, the champions were taken to Coal Drop Yard to visit a newly built shopping centre and finally, have some Indian food.

Day 6

The Champions took a day trip to Portsmouth to visit a physical Google Digital Garage Hub and take a course. In the afternoon, the Champions were taken to Hobs3D head office, a leading architectural and engineering model maker company. This was also a chance for champions to experience new technologies and immerse themselves in the VR realm. We celebrated the end of the trip with a wrap-up party and everybody reflecting on some amazing times, great learnings, and overall incredible experience and toasted to a successful Champion exchange program. 


Grow with Google - Day 7

We want everyone to know that no matter how little you think your input is, it is recognised, and never forget that for every project there is a goal and key performance indicator that counts for your success at the end of the day.

Credit: The Upskill Team

Grow with Google

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