You can show your content to more people and get more conversion, and the best way to go about it is, Advertising (Social Media Advertising, and Google Ads). There are various platforms that you can advertise on, though it is based on your business goals.

If you put up a content on your social media page you will reach people, those who view your timeline, and those who share your posts. Contents are shown on timeline by relationship (how many times someone views and engage with your post), and how relevant your content is to that person.


Types of advertising:

  • Social Media: Ads  that are served to users on social media platforms
  • Google Ads: This is divided into 2
  1. Display Ads:  Ads that runs on websites or apps or social media through banners or other ad formats made of text, images, etc
  2. Search Ads: Ads placed on web pages that show results from search engine queries.

We understand metrics and algorithms that can convert your ads into your business goals by identifying target market, interest, location and their micro moments. With Organic promotions you can reach hundreds with paid promotions you can reach thousands.

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