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26 Dec 2019

6 Digital Skills you need in 2020

Are you ready for 2020? Or are you still under the shadow of procrastination?

The new year is fast approaching and you need to make plans to stay relevant and make a difference in the year 2020. There are several opportunities that 2020 will reveal and you don’t want to be late for the party.

We will be exposing some of the digital skills you need for 2020, but first, what are your goals and aspirations for 2020? Have you written them down or are they still in your head? The pen is mightier than the sword, so I will advise you to write down your goals so you can track them.

Google trends and other forecast tools have let out the secrets as to what businesses will look out for to grow their business and sales management.


The top 6 skills that I will recommend for 2020 include;

  1. Content Marketing: Content is one of the biggest requests in 2019 and would be in high demand for 2020. A lot of businesses will need content for their promotions on Websites, Social Media, Video marketing, etc. There are different content formats that businesses can leverage on. We have Video content,  Audio content, and Text content that can be used to create blogs, newsletter for Email Marketing, Content for Social media posts and Ad copy.
  2. Social Media Management:  The demand for Social Media Management will be relatively high in 2020 because businesses have been taught the relevance of building Online presence and just as they want to build the presence they would also need time to concentrate on their business so if you learn how to manage their online presence you could be at the top of your game and work the right promotion for them.
  3. Graphics: The success of telling a brand story with Graphics can not be overemphasized so, with your Smartphone you can leverage tools to create awesome images for these brands and promote their services/product.
  4. Smartphone Photography: Have you ever seen some images used to promote brands simply from pictures taken with Smartphone and you wondered if you need to own an iPhone to get these pictures? Well, all you need is to Study the skills and you will become a pro. Smartphone photography is a lucrative opportunity for 2020 and the earlier you start learning it, the better for you.
  5. Programming (Web, Apps, and DataScience): These are hardcore skills you must have to enable you to solve real-life problems. Nothing is impossible without programming in this generation.
  6. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. No application, no machine, nothing is created nowadays that doesn’t embrace, what we call technology’s gift to mankind, the Artificial Intelligence. Every year we witness a change in AI trends that set a benchmark for the following year. Nowadays, companies are not only working to incorporate AI into varied forms of technology but making breakthroughs.

There you have it, these are the digital skills that would break the strokes for 2020 and create wealth for people who are ready to push for their Career Development in the new year.

Interested in learning any of these skills? Look no further we have what it takes to give you professional training that can equip you for the world of skills and give you hands-on classes to will Launch you into your career with no regret. 

Drop a message with the request on what you want to learn and we will reach out to you with the next step to take. Hope you have learned something?

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